Pizza for a Health Fair? What?

YES Pizzarageous teamed up with Motor Car Parts of Torrance to provide healthy pizza options for their company wide health fair. Sure there are many foods that are healthier than pizza BUT realty—people eat and love their pizza so why not choose a healthier way to eat pizza. Pizzarageous pizza’s crust is a thin original crust—not thick and doughy—less carbs. Pizzarageous pizza is not glopped with cheese creating a fattier pizza. The pepperoni is not the greasy kind that leaves the orange imprints on your plate—Pizzarageous—a tastier healthy option for pizza.

Think about a health fair and pizza—its all about your choices of toppings—how about, Fire-rageous Pizza—Red Sauce, Cheese, Pineapple, Fresh Jalapeño, Red Bell Pepper and a drizzle of Siracha.—mouth watering! Need something with a little less zest?— how about Tomatoe, Basil and a splash of Parmesan! Throw in a Salad of mixed greens and/or Caesar and you have made some healthy choices for your “cheat day” :). Even better Vegan Cheese options as well!

Other vendors joined the festivities as well—provideing fresh fruit, massage services, and fruit cones—an ice cream cone filled with berries and a dollop of non dairy whip cream—now that was tasty!

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