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‘Tis the Season….for many couples to get engaged over the Holidays, so that means Wedding Catering plans are being made as Brides and Grooms turn to Pizzarageous to create a fun and unique celebration experience for their guests.

Pizzarageous prides itself on being affordable and budget friendly, especially since many couples are saving for their first home or looking to travel and experience the honeymoon of their dreams. So even if you need to be budget conscious in your full service wedding catering plans; you can team up with Pizzarageous and create a festive wedding feast and a full flavor experience while featuring a unique take on catered wedding food. Your guests will enjoy hot, fresh, delicious pizza handmade and baked on location. Pizza is considered an offshoot of traditional wedding fare and this newer style of catered wedding meals create a lot of excitement. So team up with Pizzarageous and move your catered meal for your wedding away from the traditional tired chicken dishes- your wedding guests will love it! Pizza can be classy while holding true to being a great, fun food that will make your special day even more wonderful. Check out our photo gallery of our previously catered wedding events!

Featuring pizzas that will satisfy everyone from vegans to carnivores we have all the fantastic flavors to take your catered wedding next level. Pizzarageous offers an Upper Crust Pizza Menu designed to tempt any taste with our BBQ Bacon Triple Cheeseburger Pizza to our Arti-rageous pizza, a pesto white sauce base with tomatoes, basil, artichokes and feta.  Add Pizzarageous salads and appetizers and you have a full wedding meal for your guests without breaking the bank.

Want a customized experience for your guests?  Check out a Pizzarageous Pizza Bar—designed to let your guests create their own personalized pizza.  Choose from a vast array of fresh sauces and toppings to create a unique 6 inch personalized pizza. The pizza bar features toppings from basic pepperoni to feta, arugula and even chicken sausage.

Weddings are fun, wonderful experiences shared with family and friends.  Make your food match the mood with something different, something fun, and something memorable —Pizzarageous. Contact us to schedule catering for your wedding event.

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